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Open Course: Social Media & Open Education
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This is an open access graduate course from the Faculty of Education, ...

This is an open access graduate course from the Faculty of Education, University of Regina. This course is available for-credit and non-credit participants. It features openly available, live, and recorded presentations from notable educators & theorists. In the last few years, the world of educational technology has changed significantly. Course participants will: better understand the historical role technology and media have played in educational & social change; become knowledgeable of social learning tools & FLOSS (Free/Libre and Open Source Software) as tools for teaching, facilitating learning, & designing educational environments; become familiar with the wealth of open educational resources (OERs), learning-related content, & media available for teaching & learning; become knowledgeable of relevant social learning theories and philosophies that respond to learning in the digital age; better understand the many social, educational, political, cultural, and administrative issues often associated with technology & media in education and society; become critical consumers and producers of digital media and information; and, build sustainable, personal learning environments and networks.

Course participation will include synchronous sessions, asynchronous activities and one-to-one communication with your instructor. This blog will be the central hub in the communication of the course activities, but in general, communication will be distributed across a number of tools and services across the Internet.

World Cultures
Educational Technology
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University of Regina
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Alec Couros, Ph.D.
Alec Couros