OER Commons Tools

Open Author

Open Author lets you combine text, pictures, sound, files and video. Saved as openly licensed educational resources, you can share them with friends, colleagues and educators from around the world.

Alignment Tool

The Common Core Alignment and OER Evaluation Tool is found on all Resource Pages in OER Commons. You may easily use the tool to align appropriate resources to the Common Core State Standards, and to evaluate the resource against certain aspects of quality.

Learner Options

The Learner Options feature allows you to change display of the site to meet your unique viewing preferences. It is found in the top right-hand corner of each OER Commons webpage.

Use Guidelines

Each resource has one of four conditions of use labels. These at-a-glance labels can help you quickly distinguish whether a resource can be changed or shared without further permission required. In addition, you can find the specific license or terms of permitted use for each resource.


The OER Commons Bookmark Tool allows you to easily recommend educational resources you discover on the Internet to OER Commons. Drag the Bookmark Button from the Contribute page in OER Commons to your favorites toolbar.

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