A national community of educators and leaders who use and support open educational resources and practices (OER/OEP) to equitably improve teaching and learning for all.

This hub provides ways for the community to connect, share, and co-create.

Why #GoOpen

The #GoOpen National Network is a national community of educators and leaders who support K-12 open education through knowledge sharing and strategic action around practice and policy.

Why OER? With increased access to high-quality, openly licensed educational materials:

  • Students have equitable access to up-to-date, culturally relevant content
  • Teachers are empowered to tailor learning materials to connect with students’ individual needs and experiences
  • Education systems can reallocate dollars for traditional textbooks to other pressing needs

We aim to build capacity and elevate OER through collaboration, knowledge sharing, and strategic action by:

  • Highlighting case studies of OER implementation across states and districts nationwide
  • Convening working and interest groups around key topics 
  • Gathering evidence and advocating for the benefits of open education

Learn more about OER: visit this "OER 101" resource provided by the state of Nebraska for all to use!

January Webinar Resources

Jan. 26, 2023, 6:55 p.m.

Thank you to everyone that joined us yesterday for our webinar "How Open Educational Resources Can Support Digital Equity in Your State," featuring:

  • Amee Godwin, Senior Advisor, ISKME
  • Reg Leichty, Founder and Partner, Foresight Law + Policy
  • Doug Casey, Executive Director, Connecticut Commission for Educational Technology

Links to the slides and recording of the webinar are below:

And, you can access the OER and Digital Equity Policy Action resources from the session at the links below, as well as find them in the GoOpen Network Members group:

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    Resource Collections About OER and OEP: Advance Your Learning

    Explore curated collections to support your OER implementation and professional learning in crosscutting topics on  strategic action and educator leadership.

    OER for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Accessibility: Guides and Frameworks

    These collections focus on specific ways to address equity and inclusion, accessibility and Universal Design for Learning, cultural responsiveness and good teaching through the use of OER and OEP.

    Network Resources to Highlight

    Highlighting resources from #GoOpen strategic working groups and other network contributors.


    Thumbnail image that leads to K-12 Voices for Open Action Plan Guide

    OER-DEIA Action Plan for K-12 District Implementation

    A guide for decision making and integrating Open Educational Resources (OER) and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA)