Nebraska's statewide platform for open educational resources (OER) where educators          collaborate to discover, create and share openly licensed content



Why Nebraska OER?

The vision for the Nebraska OER is to provide statewide OER awareness, resources, support, and training. This is a statewide collaboration between the Nebraska Department of Education, Educational Service Units, school districts and educators with the goal to curate and create quality open educational resources that are aligned to Nebraska curriculum.


Are you ready to become a member of the Nebraska OER hub, but not quite ready to join a working group? Then join the Nebraska OER Information group to learn more. Once you are a member of the hub, update your profile that identifies you as a Nebraska educator and start to save and curate resources under the "My Items" menu. 

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Are you ready to collaborate with other Nebraska educators and contribute open educational resources to OER Commons that are searchable within the Nebraska OER hub? Then request to join one of the Nebraska working groups in your area of expertise to get started. Scroll down and click on a group to view their published resources and discussion board to see if this group is the right fit for you.

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Looking For More K - 12 Remote Learning Solutions?

April 6, 2020, 11:07 a.m.

ISKME's digital librarians have curated collections of kindergarten through high school resources and full courses to help leverage OER for your students. Whether you are looking for resources your students can complete at home, or dynamic content to inspire your own teaching and learning practice, this hub, organized by grade level, subject, and provider will help you discover the resources you need at your fingertips.

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