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Why Nebraska OER?

The vision for the Nebraska OER is to provide statewide OER awareness, resources, support, and training. This is a statewide collaboration between the Nebraska Department of Education, Educational Service Units, school districts and educators with the goal to curate and create quality open educational resources that are aligned to Nebraska curriculum.


Are you ready to become a member of the Nebraska OER hub, but not quite ready to join a working group? Then join the Nebraska OER Information group to learn more. Once you are a member of the hub, update your profile that identifies you as a Nebraska educator and start to save and curate resources under the "My Items" menu. 

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Are you ready to collaborate with other Nebraska educators and contribute open educational resources to OER Commons that are searchable within the Nebraska OER hub? Then request to join one of the Nebraska working groups in your area of expertise to get started. Scroll down and click on a group to view their published resources and discussion board to see if this group is the right fit for you.

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NDE Press Release on February 8, 2019

Feb. 25, 2019, 11:49 a.m.


Nebraska is furthering its commitment to equitable access to open educational resources and services with the launch of the Nebraska OER Hub, a collaboration between the Educational Service Unit Coordinating Council and the Nebraska Department of Education.

The vision for the Nebraska OER Hub is to curate and create quality open educational resources that are aligned to Nebraska curriculum. Nebraska joins more than 30 OER Project Hubs on the OER Commons public digital library, bringing groups of educators together to design, organize, and share resources that meet their common education goals.

“We are committed to providing equitable access to quality instructional materials,” said Matthew L. Blomstedt, Commissioner of Education. “The Nebraska OER Hub provides teachers with a digital course and content repository that they can access anywhere and at any time, supporting and informing their local curriculum decisions.”

An effective way to provide high-quality digital learning materials on a large scale is through the use of openly-licensed educational resources. These resources may be used, modified, and shared without paying any licensing fees or requesting permission from the author. In addition to openness, the OER movement emphasizes collaboration and continued process improvement.

“The OER hub is the model for efficiency, effectiveness, and equitable delivery of services through a joint and collaborative effort with NDE and the ESU Coordinating Council,” said David Ludwig, ESU Coordinating Council Executive Director. “Most importantly, it best serves the needs of all students in the state of Nebraska.”

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