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Module 4: Creative Commons Licenses

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In previous modules we had a chance to discuss the background of open licenses and what they are. We learned that Creative Commons (CC) is the most widely used open license for open educational resources. In this module, we will discuss CC licenses– what they are, to what they pertain, and how to mark our works with them.

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OER Passport Training Program

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OER Passport is a professional development program that takes educators through the process of understanding, finding, developing and sharing Open Educational Resources. This course trains teachers and students on OER use, reuse, licensing, creation, and sharing by completing the following tasks. The first three tasks lay a solid foundation and provide teachers with the tools to complete the last three tasks which focus on the use, reuse, production, and innovative teaching practices. Participants can complete the tasks online. There are also files to print/create physical copies of OER Passports that can be used in an offline environment.

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OER Licensing Checklist - GoOpen Remix

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Use this checklist to make sure that all the requirements for open licensing are met. Please note that it is very helpful to review this checklist BEFORE you begin development work so that you are designing your resource with open licensing requirements in mind from the beginning.

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Author: Barbara Soots