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Understanding hacking/trolling and providing posts & comments Published

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SummaryStudents will learn more about hacking and trolling in the online world. They will collaborate and build off others ideas and practice how to respond thoughtfully when creating discussions/posts/ comments. AccommodationsThis activity needs prior background that includes discussions about real news/fake news, what hacking truly means, and acting positive online, and digital literacy. This lesson allows for accommodations to be met through videos (close captioning) and completing commenting (recording it, using images/symbols).  Articles/videos can be done together or independently. Images or symbols could be added to enhance learning ( Grade Level This lesson is for 5th grade and can be adjusted for younger or older students. Time duration Estimated time: One hour (or over 2 days). Teachers chose if they want to extend this activity. Teachers can divide students into groups & assign one article/video, allow them to decide, or do all based upon preference.Materials neededAccess to computers/tablets (earbuds/headphones) & google drive or other LMS systemPadlet link separate padlets (copy/duplicate it) for multiple classesPrint an article or 2 in case the internet acts up, discussion questions posted at each table, examples of comments/responses that show 3 levels (target-exceeds, acceptable-meets, unacceptable- beginning/progressing) and rubric for self assessmentSchedule of Activities & decide on partner work (Table one does assignment #1, table two does #2, table three and four do #3, Table five does #4)

Material Type: Lesson Plan

Author: Heather Whitman

Internet Privacy: A Personal and Political Issue

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In this interactive lesson, students consider the issue of internet privacy, both in their own lives and in society, including government spying, parental monitoring, and corporate tracking of consumers. What is the connection and potential conflict between safety and privacy, both on a personal and institutional level?

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Digital Learn

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Digital Learn is a website with a variety of tutorials for adults who are new to using computers (on topics such as introduction to email, navigating a website, and online job searching).

Material Type: Interactive

LPS Digital Citizenship LibGuide

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This is a collection of resources for teaching digital citizenship concepts to students K-12. Includes grade-specific key concepts, instructional materials, and talking points for teachers. Aligns digital citizenship instruction to specific pre-existing curriculum objectives whenever possible.

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Author: ESU 18