Importing a Google Doc to Create an Open Author Resource


Open Author offers the option to create and share resources by importing from Google Docs. We recommend using the Google Doc Import feature rather than adding a URL link to your Google Doc within an Open Author resource for a few different reasons: 

  • This feature makes it easy for educators to share resources they've built in Google Docs in a remixable format, with the added value of Open Author's powerful version tracking.
  • You needn't worry about the permissions associated with your Google Doc
  • You are on your way to becoming an OER Super Star by contributing your truely sharable and remixable resource!


Importing a Google Doc to Create a New Open Author Resource

Step 1: Finding Open Author

  • Find the Create button in the global navigation on any page in OER Commons

Find the Create Button in Global Navigation
Find Create Button in Global Nav.pngFind the Create Button in Global Navigation

The Create Button is in the upper right hand section of the global navigation, underneath "Login" and "Help" links

  • Click Start Authoring under Open Author

Choose the Open Author Tool from the Authoring Menu

The Open Author Tool appears first in the list of authoring tools on the Create Page.

Step 2: Prepare to Import your Google Doc

  • If you already have content in your Open Author resource you would like to keep, you will need to click the "Add New Unit" button, which can be found directly to the left of the editing window. If you do not click the "Add New Unit" button, the import will overwrite your existing content. You will not be able to use the "Undo" button to revert this change. 
  • If you are starting from a blank document, there is no need to click the "Add New Unit" button. 

Step 3: Importing Your Google Doc

The "Import from Google Docs" button can be found right underneath your text editing window in the Open Author interface. It's the button furthest to the right, next to "Add Co-Author". 

Use the Import from Google Docs button

The "Import from Google Docs" button can be found right underneath your text editing window in the Open Author interface. It's the button furthest to the right, next to "Add Co-Author".

Once you've clicked "Import From Google Docs", you should see a pop up window appear. If you are logged in, your docs will be visible in the pop up window. If not, you will be asked to log into your Google account.

*If you have a pop up blocker enabled, you'll need to allow pop ups on OER Commons before you can select your doc.*

Use the Google Docs Picker window to find your document

The Google Docs Picker window is a pop up that contains a list of your Google Docs. It also contains a search bar that can be used to search by search phrase

Once you have selected your Google Doc, you will see your Google Doc appear in the editing window. You may see some differences in the formatting. You can use the editor clean up formatting, and continue to further edit your resource structure, add images, and additional multimedia.

Next up: Adding Metadata, Selecting a License, and Publishing Your Resource

Step by Step Google Doc Import Video Tutorial with Formatting Tips

View the Video Tutorial Below for a step by step guide to creating Open Author Resources from Google Docs. This tutorial utilizes OER Commons' STEM Inquiry Template

Using the Open Author Import from Google Docs Feature

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