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D2.1 Identifying and characterizing main Laws, Declarations and Conventions on Human Disability Rights

1.   Naming the most prominent international declarations and conventions for the rights of PWDs
2.   Describing the place of ICT Accessibility  in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations
3.   Identifying the major National and International Accessibility  laws and the legal landscape for people with disabilities

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Accessibility, Disability, & Copyright
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These materials are intended to be used both in graduate courses related to copyright or accessibility and by practitioners interested in learning more on the topic. Topics covered include the Chafee Amendment and how it has changed post-Marrakesh Treaty, the role of accessibility in the Authors Guild, Inc. v. HathiTrust decision, the importance of the Marrakesh Treaty for international efforts to make materials accessible across borders, and how licensing provisions can impact these various rights. The resources include videos explaining the key points of each topic, along with editable slide decks for those who wish to build on the existing materials, activities and options for assignments, recommended pre-class readings, discussion prompts, and related resources for those who want to learn more on the topics introduced in this OER module. There are also teaching notes for those interested in using the module in a class they are teaching.

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The Civil Rights Act and the ADA
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This activity asks students to read and compare the language of selected civil rights legislation.By tracing the changes in language (from "handicapped" to "people with disabilities," for example) and the necessity of restating and reinforcing Constitutional rights, the analysis likewise asks them to think about prejudice, stigma and fundamental rights and freedoms.

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