Washington OER

This is the Washington OER Project’s resource hub.
Here, you will find reviewed and developed resources from OSPI, OER Project grantees, and collaborative groups.

    About Washington OER Project

    The OER Project is creating a collection of openly licensed courseware and engaging in an awareness campaign to inform school districts about these resources. The Project has developed a review process that acts as a model for districts considering the adoption of full-course OER.

    Prior to uploading or linking to any district resources to the Washington OER Hub, an open license must be applied to the work that gives legal permission for others to use, share, and adapt the material in perpetuity, as long as attribution to the developer is provided.

    In order to openly license your work, you must have approval from the copyright holder (in most cases, your district). Please confirm with your district superintendent or designee that you have the following permission:

    •  Original work will be licensed with a Creative Commons Attribution License, version 4.0 or later (CC BY).
    •  All resources that have been adapted by school district staff from others’ existing openly licensed resources or used with copyright permission for this purpose, will be licensed with the least restrictive open license possible that is not in conflict with existing licenses.