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Oak Harbor Public School's high school science teachers have created a NGSS-aligned chemistry course for general education students entitled "Conceptual Chemistry." The course is primarily based on CK-12 open source materials. Our district has developed the units adhering to licensing permissions and proper open resource attribution. Alternate material licenses with different levels of user permissions are clearly indicated next to the specific content in the unit.
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Conceptual Chemistry

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Conceptual Chemistry is a year-long course based on CK-12 OER instructional material and supplemented with limited commercially-available materials. The course is project-based, argument-driven inquiry. Each quarter begins with presentation of an intriguing phenomenon, followed by an essential question about the phenomenon, and a project centered on answering that essential question. Throughout the quarter, students conduct research and investigations to answer portions of the question. Each unit has a student "Task" at the end that serves as an assessment of the unit's concepts. At the end of each quarter, students assemble all of the unit tasks and synthesize a personal final project that answers the essential question in a personal context chosen by the student.

Material Type: Full Course

Authors: Gary Thayer, Jonathan Frostad, Michael Crebbin, Malia Turner, Mackenzie Neal, Zachary Sawhill