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As more districts develop or adapt OER, we have a tremendous opportunity to share resources across districts, via our OER Commons Washington Hub, promoting equitable access to standards-aligned, quality instructional materials. All recipients of the OER Project grant will submit their materials to this site.
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Sample Permissions Request Letter

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If there is a resource you would like to use in your OER project that is not openly licensed, in the public domain, or usable under fair use, permission from the copyright holder is required. Here is some sample wording for that permissions request. Please adapt as suits your situation.Cover mage by Andrew Lloyd Gordon from Pixabay 

Material Type: Teaching/Learning Strategy

Author: Barbara Soots

10 FRED Activities in 10 Minutes

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Take a 10-minute guided tour of FRED, the St. Louis Fed's free economic data website. Simple step-by-step activities equip users to find and graph economic data, mastering FRED's look and feel. The guide also shows how to customize, save, and share a FRED graph.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Lesson, Lesson Plan

Author: Mark Bayles