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I Wonder Why...?
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21.6–8.TL.4.1 Identify real-world issues and analyze technological resources for developing and refining questions for investigation.This activity challenges students to sharpen their observation skills and ability to wonder.  Know that virtually any source material/topic could be used.  This activity uses the topic hunger as an example. 

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Mike Radue
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Skills and knowledge for successful project planning: A College and Career Readiness Standards for learners at Grade Level D.
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Project planning and delivery is a crucial skill for academic studies as well as the world of work. By participating in this course, adult learners will develop the necessary project planning skills and knowledge to prepare them for continued study and gain specific employability skills- communication and project planning. This lesson will help prepare learners to effectively plan and deliver a project. The lesson aims to teach the terms, concepts and communication skills of effective project planning including the project life cycle, project charter and work breakdown schedule. It is an interactive and informative course, designed to build on learners’ own previous experience and real world examples.

The intended audience are adult learners at grade level D with low literacy and numeracy skills. It is aimed at students studying in the adult education sector, who are studying alongside other commitments, for example family or work. The project planning terms and concepts are taught in an accessible, informal way, connecting to previous knowledge and understanding. Participants will participate in a range of conversations and collaborations with others partners, building on ideas and expressing their own clearly and persuasively. Conversations may be one-to-one, in groups or teacher-led. Learners will develop and demonstrate a variety of communication skills, including posing questions that connect the ideas of speakers, responding to questions and comments, acknowledging information expressed by others and when required, qualifying their own views.

The lesson materials and resources will enable the lesson to taught in a variety of contexts and environment, with minimal access to the internet and other technical resources.

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La Epton
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