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Physical Education Elementary (K-5) Foot Striking Unit
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This unit is presented as a series of progressive tasks. Each learning task can be used to reach one or more of the applicable outcomes and may be taught as one lesson or part of a lesson. Teachers are encouraged to select learning tasks that best fit their teaching style and students’ needs. Modifications, accommodations, and extensions specific to your learners are strongly recommended. The suggested assessments are designed to give teachers ideas related to each task.Prior to the learning tasks, the standards, applicable exit outcomes, focus and subfocus skills/concepts, and critical skill elements are listed within the overview.Cover image: "Soccer" by monica_aulich from Pixabay.com AttributesGraham, G., Holt/Hale, S. A., & Parker, M. (2013). Children moving: A reflective approach to teaching physical education. 9th ed. New York: McGraw-Hill.SHAPE America Standards and Grade-Level Outcomes

Elementary Education
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