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  • Aishwarya Vellanki
Research: An Analysis of the Effectiveness of an Online Inclusive Design Curriculum Through the Lens of Inclusive Design PCKs
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ABSTRACT: The online computer science classroom is growing, but there is little research on how to teach inclusive design online. As a result, online CS students are graduating without learning how to avoid bias in their software designs. Through the lens of the Inclusive Design Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK), this thesis analyzes a set of curricular activities that were embedded into online post-baccalaureate computer science courses. The contributions of this work include: (1) a set of takeaways outlining what I learned from student responses to the activities and (2) the second iteration of the Inclusive Design PCKs that can be applied in both the online and in-person classrooms.

Computer Science
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Aishwarya Vellanki
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