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English Accent Coach is an interactive game which aims to improve ESL learners' ability to process English sounds more efficiently. The website describes itself as "an online tool for developing English pronunciation skills - focusing on vowels and consonants."

Students learn to recognize certain vowels and consonants by listening to segments of audio such as single syllable words and then selecting symbols for a target phoneme. These symbols come from the International Phonetic Alphabet, which can be found as a pronunciation key in many dictionaries. In addition, students can choose to use a color vowel chart, where each sound is associated with a color name that has the vowel sound (e.g. "red" for /ɛ/, "green" for /iː/).

Students choose either vowels or phonemes to practice. Each round consists of 20, 100, or 200 audio samples. At the end of each round, students are given a score report of their overall accuracy as well as the result for each phoneme. Registration is free and required; users are able to access a historical report of their scores for all games played.

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Ron Thomson
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Pseudo-Masha’allah, On the Astrolabe: A Critical Edition of the Latin Text with English Translation
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The 1935 edition published by R. T. Gunther was based on only three or four local manuscripts, and as such is defective in many places. Missing phrases, or mis-copies or mis-read phrases at times makes that text unintelligible.

This edition is based on the collation of a significant number of manuscripts (over 80, and eventually, it is hoped, all manuscript copies). What is now being published here is the text of the Prologue and of the first sixteen chapters (Version 1.1).

The edition is available in five PDF files:

Part I: Introduction contains the preface and introductory material, including manuscript information;

Part II: Critical Edition contains the Latin text and diagrams, the critical apparatus and a facing English translation;

Part III: Latin Text contains the Latin text and diagrams, without the apparatus criticus, but maintaining the line numbers of the critical edition;

Part IV: English Text contains the English text and diagrams, for those who are interested in consulting only the translation.

Appendix I: Catalogue of Stars contains information about the all the stars mentioned in the text.

Over time these texts will be updated and expanded, when the remaining manuscript copies are collated, and when the editing of further sections have been completed. However, it is not expected that the present version will change – the rest of the manuscripts will expand the apparatus criticus but are unlikely to modify the text itself.

The editor is interested in the receiving comments on the text, and further insights into its interpretation, from others. He is willing to incorporate such additions into future versions for the benefit of others who would consult this edition in the future. Comments can be sent to

Permission is given for scholars to print out (and bind) any or all of these texts for non-commercial uses: research, study, criticism and citation. Commercial reproduction of all or part of the texts is not permitted without the prior consent of the copyright owner.

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