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A place for the CCC community to create,

collaborate and share OER content.

About CCC Community Hub

The CCC Community Hub is an Open Educational Resources (OER) network for collaboration among the California community college system. This hub came to be out of a demand for a localized repository with rich collaborating, sharing, and evaluation tools. All California Community Colleges have their own group inside the hub. There are also discipline hubs for the California community to work together on developing and supporting OER.

Anyone may access any published materials on OERCommons. What the hub and the groups inside the hub allow for is a private place to collaborate with your group members before publishing, a place to work independently before you are ready to publish, and a place to import others’ published open content into your group.

Textbook Costs are Sinking - OER

To join a group, find your college or the discipline group you wish to join and click on the logo. Once inside, click on “Request to join.” It’s that simple! An email will be sent to your group administrator(s) who have the authority to grant you membership permission. As a group member, you can post and publish materials. In fact, the only difference between an administrator and a member is that the administrator can approve new members and change settings. If you feel that you should have those responsibilities for your college (maybe you are an OER coordinator or librarian), then email: to request that permission.

Thank you to the Michelson 20MM Foundation for supporting this hub. Please note that the CCC logo is used for individuals to recognize the hub. It does not imply endorsement by the CCC Chancellor’s Office.

Individuals are responsible for checking for accessibility for all materials they upload to and download from the hub. The files will not be monitored for accessibility.

Funded through the generosity of the Michelson 20MM Foundation. 

For questions about this hub, please contact Ryan Erickson-Kulas:

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