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How do I plan a party for a given amount of guest for under $2,500?

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How do I plan a party for a given amount of guest for under $2,500?

Instructor Overview

In this problem-based learning module, students will be given the chance to plan their idea of the perfect party.  They are given a budget of $2,500, this is the maximum amount of money they can use.  The goal is for students to plan a party that they think people would want to attend and would enjoy being a part of.  

  • The students will need to come up with categories of what their party will need (food/drink, decorations, entertainment, location, etc).  These will then be the stations students will move at their own pace through to complete the party planning.  

  • At each station they will need to identify what they are doing to have/do for the party and how much it will cost.  They will then have to figure out the unit cost (cost per person) for that category.

  • The final station should allow for students to find the total cost of their part and total unit cost per person for the party.  If the total cost exceeds $2,500 students should make adjustments as needed.

  • Students will then create an advertisement (commercial, flyer, poster etc.) to promote their party as the “PARTY OF THE YEAR!”

  • Students will then present these advertisements to school staff, parents, administrators etc. to vote on the party they would want to throw for their own child. They should take into consideration cost per person, entertainment, and enjoyment of the party.