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Research Seminar on Urban Information Systems, Fall 2005
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Advanced seminar extends computer and analytic skills developed in the other subjects ... More

Advanced seminar extends computer and analytic skills developed in the other subjects in this sequence into a research environment. Students present a structured discussion of a journal article representative of current research in Planning Decision Support Systems, and complete an approved short research project. Suggested research projects include topics related to ongoing research projects of the Computer Resource Laboratory. Seminar participants and invited guests will lead critical discussions of current literature and ongoing research. Each student will be responsible for identifying, reviewing, and presenting one structured discussion of articles from the current literature that are relevant to their research topic. The remaining time will be spent working on individual projects or thesis proposals. This fall, the seminar will focus on the following core issues that underlie most implementations of urban information systems and decision support tools: the sustainable acquisition and representation of urban knowledge; the emergent technological infrastructure for supporting metropolitan decision-making; and the innovative organizational and institutional arrangements that can take advantage of modern urban information systems. Less

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Ferreira, Joseph, Jr.