Core for Social Workers Module 2: Foundation Part II

The Module 2: Foundation Part II materials are organized by topic. This page provides access to the required classroom materials, as well as supplemental content and trainer-specific materials for each topic.

Module 2 Topics

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Child Development

Classroom Materials (Required for Attendees)

  • There are currently no required handouts for this course

Supplemental Materials (Optional for Attendees)

Download: 01_PPT_Handout_-_ChildDevelopment_Core3.1.pdf

Download: 02 ChildDevelopmentalMilestones.pdf

Trainer Materials and Instructions

Download: TrainersGuide-ChildDevelopment-_v3.1.pdf

Download: PowerPoint-ChildDevelopment_Core3.1.pptx

Key Issues in Child Welfare Practice: Social Worker as Practitioner

Classroom Materials (Required for Attendees)

Download: 01_TraineeGuide-KeyIssuesSWP-v12.31.18.pdf

Download: 02 California Child Welfare Core Practice Model Packet.pdf

Supplemental Materials (Optional for Attendees)

Download: 01_PPT-Handout-KeyIssuesSWP-v12.31.pdf

Download: 02 Key Issues: Behavioral Health Abridged eLearning Storyboard.pdf

Download: 03_Key_Issues-IntimatePartnerViolence-eLearning-Storyboard.pdf

Download: 04 Key Issues: Substance Use Abridged eLearning Storyboard.pdf

Post-Class Evaluation

Trainer Materials and Instructions (for Instructors Only)

Download: 01_TrainerGuide-KeyIssuesSWP-v12.31.18.pdf

Download: 02_PowerPoint-KeyIssuesSWP-v12.31.18.pptx

Download: 03_SummaryOfChanges-KeyIssuesSWP-v12.31.18.pdf

Suggested Resource for Trainer Review: Child Abuse and Neglect User Manual Series -- Protecting Children in Families Affected by Substance Use Disorders

In-Class Videos

Teen Dating Violence

Healing Neen - feature length

Trans-Theoretical Model of Behaviour Change

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