School Librarians Advancing STEM Learning, Faculty Fellows, Year 2, Webinar #5

The "School Librarians Advancing STEM Learning" (SLASL) project, supported by IMLS, and in partnership with Granite State College, NH, continues the work of Year 2 with Faculty Fellows and the project team on November 3, 2016, to highlight and offer feedback on fellows' work.

Meeting AGENDA

  • Walk-through of and Reflections on modules: Please consider: how does this module meet project goals? how does it meet GCS or other learning objectives for the LMS?
    • Kim
    • Carolyn¬†
    • Debbie

Meeting ASSETS:

Slides from the previous meeting:

Download: IMLS Y2 Faculty Fellow Webinar 3_9.21.16.pdf

Chat Session:

Download: Faculty webinar 5_chat_11.3.16.txt

Recorded Video Webinar:

ISKME IMLS Faculty Fellows Feedback Webinar #5

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