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OSPI Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Online Education Module

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The Social and Emotional Learning in Washington State Schools: Building Foundations and Strategies module is designed to be a part of the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction's (OSPI) professional learning constellation of topics. It can be used by Washington Educational Service Districts (ESD) and LEAs for administering clock hours. Clock hours are not available to individuals who take the course on their own. Intended Audience This module is designed for educators, administrators, school staff, others professionals and parents who interact with youth as a means to help them build and improve their understanding of social emotional skills. Structure of the Module This online module has been designed in six distinct learning segments. Learning Segment 1: Introduction to SEL Learning Segment 2: Embedding SEL Schoolwide Learning Segment 3: Creating a Professional Culture Based on SEL Learning Segment 4: Integrating SEL into Culturally Responsive Classrooms Learning Segment 5: Trauma Informed Social Emotional Learning Learning Segment 6: Identifying and Selecting Evidence-Based Programs Although the online module can be completed by an individual, the learning is significantly more impactful if it is done collectively by those who will be implementing SEL. Throughout the online module, suggestions on ways in which to engage in the learning in a group setting are provided. Completing the Module Registration on the OSPI Moodle is required to take the course. Cover image by congerdesign from Pixabay

Material Type: Full Course, Module

Author: Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction