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Square Roots
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In this seminar you will explore square roots and see how they are used throughout mathematics.  You will see how “squaring” a number and “taking the square root” relate to each other. Also presented will be how to estimate square roots when given a number. You will have plenty of opportunity to try practice problems, review, and even create a short presentation. You will apply techniques you have learned involving estimating. You will use the techniques learned in this seminar to solve problems involving square roots moving forward and ultimately be able to verify solutions. When working with square roots, you will identify the patterns in perfect square numbers, as well as in techniques such as squaring and cubing numbers.  By the end, you should have a better understanding of what a square root is and how to handle expressions that involve square roots.StandardsCC.2.1.HS.F.1Apply and extend the properties of exponents to solve problems with rational exponents.CC.2.2.HS.D.6Extend the knowledge of rational functions to rewrite in equivalent forms.

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Tracy Rains
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