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Demonstrative speech

It is another form of informative speech

The main purpose of the demonstrative speech is to instruct.

Mostly  the topic answers the question “how to?”

The speech should include specific steps

The speech can relate to the audience with a visual aid

The thesis should give the audience a preview of  the skill they may learn

The body of the speech will include the steps of the instruction

The conclusion  recalls the  materials  steps  and the resulting  product

Demonstrative speech only has facts



Facts and Opinion

The fact can be proved true  or false

 The opinion is about one’s thoughts and beliefs.

Using  the library is a great source for fact-checking

Newspapers are also a great source for fact-checking.

Think, belief, like, love  should, always, never, might, guess are some of the vocabulary clues for an opinion statement

One can observe and  measure facts with numbers statistics, document, photograph or witness

The opinion may  be an attitude or judgment

Organization, Transitions, and signposts

A demonstrative speech is best organized in  a step by step spatial way

The steps should be between 3 to 5

To illustrate, To prepare, as you can see, After completing are some of the transition words that link the ideas in the demonstrative speech.

 First, second, Third, Starting with, Next, Lastly are some of the signposts used to progress from one idea to another in the demonstrative speech

Giving the learner to ask questions is one way to connect with them.

Giving proof of credibility in the introduction and have a supporting reference is one way to make the demonstrative speech strong


Please check the video provided

Introducing the Demonstration Speech

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