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Learning the Basics of Filmmaking

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The purpose of this course is to learn how to make a short motion picture starting with pre-production. As we walk through all the steps of making this movie, you will prepare yourself for entering film school.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Full Course, Homework/Assignment, Reading

Understanding Color Theory

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Strong communication begins with a basic knowledge of color theory and it's functionality. This content page contains links which will direct you to external web resources, rich with content, that will help you better understand the powerful role of color in visual communication.

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Vending Machine Tutorial

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This activity finds you hungry and thirsty, with money in your pocket for the vending machines. First, you must determine which machines take coins or bills. Then, you must use appropriate bills or coins to make and pay for a selection. But please don't shake the machine if your selection becomes lodged in the window—your computer can't take the abuse!

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