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Skimming and Scanning for Improved Reading Skills

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Here is a resource from the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth with some excellent tips that will be helpful for ESL students. Most of these students try to read everything word for word, while looking up all unknown words. This strategy is not sustainable. These techniques are crucial for ESL students to succeed in their classes.

Material Type: Reading, Teaching/Learning Strategy

World History, Volume 2: From 1400 Volume 2

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World History, Volume 2: from 1400 is designed to meet the scope and sequence of a world history course from 1400 offered at both two-year and four-year institutions. Suitable for both majors and non majors World History, Volume 2: from 1400 introduces students to a global perspective of history couched in an engaging narrative. Concepts and assessments help students think critically about the issues they encounter so they can broaden their perspective of global history. A special effort has been made to introduce and juxtapose people’s experiences of history for a rich and nuanced discussion. Primary source material represents the cultures being discussed from a firsthand perspective whenever possible. World History, Volume 2: from 1400 also includes the work of diverse and underrepresented scholars to ensure a full range of perspectives.

Material Type: Textbook

Authors: Ann Kordas, Brooke Nelson, Ryan J. Lynch