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Bay College - ENGL 101 - Rhetoric & Composition

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Online OER text adapted for use in ENGL 101 - Rhetoric & Composition by Amber Kinonen, Jennifer McCann, Todd McCann, and Erica Mead for Bay College. © 2017 Bay College and Content Creators. Except where otherwise noted this work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit

Material Type: Textbook

Authors: Amber Kinonen, Erica Mead, Jennifer McCann, Todd McCann

The Medicinal Use of Marijuana: An Intimate Debate Case

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Whether marijuana should be legalized for medicinal purposes has been contested for decades. The claims, counter-claims, issues, and judgments in this high profile controversy make it an excellent candidate for "intimate debate." While similar to traditional debating formats and ground-rules, the method of intimate debate has important differences. There is no audience, each student argues each side of the issue seated across from their opponents in pairs, and the session concludes with opposing teams reaching consensus. The case is suitable for any course where medical issues and social issues of science are discussed and in any classroom setting, from high school to professional school programs such as nursing and pharmacy.

Material Type: Case Study

Authors: Clyde Freeman Herreid, Kristie DuRei


OER Authoring Toolset

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This is the first module in our training series that will provide participants with an introduction to OER authoring and remixing. We have designed these modules to first spark the learner's interest in the topics covered and then dig deeper into the content through presentations, storytelling, and demonstrations of the tools. We will offer opportunities for learners to practice exploring the resources and tools, and reflect on how they might use them in their work.

Material Type: Module

Author: Megan Simmons

Introduction to College Research

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This book acknowledges our changing information landscape, covering key concepts in information literacy to support a research process with intention. We start by critically examining the online environment many of us already engage with every day, looking at algorithms, the attention economy, information disorder and cynicism, information hygiene, and fact-checking. We then move into an exploration of information source types, meaningful research topics, keyword choices, effective search strategies, library resources, Web search considerations, the ethical use of information, and citation.

Material Type: Textbook

Authors: Aloha Sargent, Kelsey Smith, Walter D. Butler