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Does Funding for Education Matter in Texas?

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From the 1960s to the 1990s, economically-disadvantaged school districts, primarily Latino, in Texas struggled to gain more adequate funding for their children's education. At first halted by a Supreme Court ruling, one leader gained additional support and continued pressing the issue, with the result that eventually the Court reversed its stance and required the state to develop a more equitable funding plan.Students will consider the historic actions taken by the communities and the Court and how their own community action can and should make a difference.

Material Type: Case Study

Author: Jim Ekrut

Black Americans as Activists in Tennessee

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This activity was produced in conjunction with The Library of Congress and the TPS at the Metropolitan State University of Denver. This activity allows learners to examine and listen to first-hand accounts and primary sources images of history during the Civil Right time period.  This activity will allow learners to develop empathy and understanding of:why someone might feel they should protest or stand up for their we can interact and respect others who may be different or have experiences we cannot fully understand.

Material Type: Lesson

Author: Shannon Davenport