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The objective is to get insight and practice in the design and use of mathematical models for the estimation of transport demand in the framework of major strategic transportation planning. The course consists of a number of lectures and several exercises in OmniTRANS.

Material Type: Full Course, Homework/Assignment, Syllabus

Authors: M.C.J. Bliemer, P.H.L. Bovy

The Wealth of Water: The Value of an Essential Resource

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Many students take the availability of water for granted. This case study, which focuses on the Cochabamba water revolt in Bolivia, is designed to encourage students to think about water as a limited natural resource. Students learn about the limited nature of freshwater and the impact that access to clean water has on people across all socioeconomic demographics. Designed for a non-majors course in global ecology, the case could also be used in non-majors and majors courses in biology, environmental science, environmental policy, ethics, and international relations, among others.

Material Type: Case Study

Authors: Karina J. Baum, Melanie K. Rathburn

Introduction to Water and Climate

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Water is essential for life on earth and of crucial importance for society. Also within our climate water plays a major role. The natural cycle of ocean to atmosphere, by precipitation back to earth and by rivers and aquifers to the oceans has a decisive impact on regional and global climate patterns. This course will cover six main topics: Global water cycle. In this module you will learn to explain the different processes of the global water cycle. Water systems. In this module you will learn to describe the flows of water and sand in different riverine, coastal and ocean systems. Water and climate change. In this module you will learn to identify mechanisms of climate change and you will learn to explain the interplay of climate change, sea level, clouds, rainfall and future weather. Interventions. In this module you will learn to explain why, when and which engineering interventions are needed in rivers, coast and urban environment. Water resource management. In this module you will learn to explain why water for food and water for cities are the main challenges in water management and what the possibilities and limitations of reservoirs and groundwater are to improve water availability. Challenges. In this module you will learn to explain the challenges in better understanding and adapting to the impact of climate change on water for the coming 50 years.

Material Type: Full Course

Authors: Herman Russchenberg, Hubert Savenije, Marcel Stive, Prof.dr. Nick van de Giesen

The Roots of Energy Efficiency: A Thirst for Power - The Global Nexus of Energy and Water

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With the use of famous movie clips, Michael Webber illustrates the nexus between water supplies and energy resources, the expanding reliance between them, and how the loss of one impacts the other. He builds a case for examining the challenges this poses and how to plan for mitigating the problems and conflicts that will inevitably arise. (57 minutes0

Material Type: Lecture

APSC 100 Tiny House Project – Simple Book Publishing

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This book exists primarily to support Project 677 in APSC 100 in the Faculty of Engineering at Queen’s University during the winter term of 2019. It provides a publicly visible collection of information that will help with this design project. Use of these resources elsewhere under the CC license is encouraged, but not supported. The contents of this book will grow and change over the term. Please fell free to add your comments or questions in any of the sections and I will try to address them.

Material Type: Activity/Lab

Author: Rick Sellens

Ideation Workshop

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This workshop is focused on developing several different Ideation approaches for problem investigating and concept creation:Why-why diagramsBrainstormingMash-upsAffinity diagramsIncluded are two introduction videos for review by students online in advance, a pre-workshop exercise and a slide deck with facilitator notes for running a face-to-face workshop.

Material Type: Module

Author: John Dickinson

MultiMeters 101: Basic Operation, Care and Maintenance and Advanced Troubleshooting for the Skilled Trades – Simple Book Publishing

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A technician is only as accurate as the measurement equipment they are using. If the equipment is used incorrectly or is faulty, then the measurements will be inaccurate. If the measurements are inaccurate, then the technician will draw the wrong conclusions. To avoid getting inaccurate readings, you need to handle, use, and store meters properly. When you are done using a multimeter, it should always be turned off to extend battery life.

Material Type: Textbook

Author: Brent Pfifer

MECH 241 Fluids I Videos

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These videos were created in 2017 to support an online version of the first course in Fluid Mechanics in the Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering at Queen's University at Kingston, Ontario, Canada. They comprise the content equivalent of a full course of lectures and assume a textbook as a backup resource.

Material Type: Full Course

Authors: Jon Pharoah, Rick Sellens