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Teaching Tools: Active Learning while Physically Distancing

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We are all looking for practical strategies to make our teaching engaging and impactful during these unusual times. The chart below outlines some common teaching goals and the face-to-face (F2F) active learning techniques often used to achieve those goals, along with corresponding approaches for online synchronous, online asynchronous, and physically-distanced settings.

Material Type: Teaching/Learning Strategy

Active Bystander Intervention: Training and Facilitation Guide

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A workshop and facilitation guide to support B.C. post-secondary institutions to prevent and respond to sexual violence and misconduct. Active Bystander Intervention is a 90-minute workshop for all members of the campus community: students, faculty, administrators, and staff. This training helps learners acquire the knowledge and skills needed to recognize and intervene in an incident of sexual violence as well as discuss strategies for creating a safer campus community. Uses the 4D’s (Direct, Distract, Delegate, Delay) Active Bystander Intervention Model. (The slide deck that accompanies this resource can be downloaded from the Introduction.)

Material Type: Textbook

Author: Sexual Violence Training Development Team