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Arin IU is one of 29 PA Intermediate Units participating in the Pennsylvania Association of Intermediate Unit’s OER implementation. This group provides a space to collaborate, evaluate, share, develop and promote the free and open use of educational resources by and for LEAs in Pennsylvania.
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Instructional TDAs - Grade 6 Fiction

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This is a collection of complex literary texts and prompts which can be used to develop text dependent analysis skills.  This set is identified for grade 6 but can be used with other grades as determined by curriculum and the learners. The prompts are intended to be used as part of an instructional routine, but they can also be used as stand-alone benchmarks.  

Material Type: Lesson Plan

Authors: Karen Henrichs, Kelsi Wilcox Boyles

MN STEM Teacher Center

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MN STEM Teacher Center resources developed to help teachers translate the Minnesota state standards into classroom practice and assist in student achievement of those standards.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Simulation

Mission to Mars

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The Mission to Mars curricular unit introduces students to Mars the Red Planet. Students discover why scientists are so interested in studying this mysterious planet. Many interesting facts about Mars are revealed, and the history of Martian exploration is reviewed. Students will learn about the development of robotics and how robots are beneficial to science, society and the exploration of space. Details on engineers' involvement in space exploration are presented. Furthermore, students will learn how orbits allow astronauts to move from planet to planet and what type of equipment is used by scientists and engineers to safely explore space. Lastly, the specific details on and human risks for a possible future manned mission to Mars (and back to Earth again!) are discussed.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Lesson Plan

Read, Analyze, and Cite Evidence - Cactus Jam

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In this seminar you will learn how to read and analyze a story about making cactus jam. You will be able to communicate in writing the steps that it takes to make cactus jam by using evidence from the story to help you to support your answer to the questions that will follow.StandardsC.C.1.2.3 B Ask and answer questions about the text and make inferences about the text; refer to text to support response.C.C.1.3.5B Cite textual evidence by quoting accurately from the text to to explain what the text says explicitly and make inferences. 

Material Type: Lesson Plan

Author: Tracy Rains