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Alamo Colleges Online is in the midst of evaluating their online courses and exploring how Open Educational Resources can fit into their course development and redesign processes. Alamo is partnering with OER Commons to provide roadmap consulting, training, and a suite of tools is seen as an important step in building awareness and capacity for the use of OERs within Alamo College’s online courses. This groups is a collaborative workspace where participants can discuss, evaluate, and organize OER.
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Public Service Institute

Criminal Justice Model

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Students learn the principles of the criminal justice field, the many criminal justice agencies, and federal, state and local laws.The course of study includes: historical perspective of American police agencies, with an emphasis on California law enforcement; philosophy of the origins of crime and the social impact on society; development of the criminal justice system, current trends and their relevance to local and state law enforcement; hiring and testing processes for positions in law enforcement; laws of arrest, search and seizure laws; court process; penal and vehicle codes - what constitutes a crime; child abuse and related offenses; drug and alcohol abuse and related offenses.

Material Type: Full Course, Lesson Plan