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Primary source-based lessons exploring the history of federal policy in promoting technological innovation
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Analyzing Primary Sources

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A lesson to engage participants to consider instructional strategies that support students in examining and making sense of primary sources, and consider the ways in which primary sources are a starting point for further investigations.

Material Type: Lecture Notes

Author: Trey Smith

Inquiry and Understanding of the Civil Rights Era

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Analyze primary sources with "observe, reflect, question" and have students individually observe the image before they share their observations and prior knowledge about the Civil Rights Era. Then together students draw reflections/assumptions and ask questions about the image - in hopes of propelling us further in inquiry and understanding surrounding Civil Rights Era.

Material Type: Activity/Lab

Authors: Kate Katz, Melissa Mitchell, Rebecca Schmidt

Digital Computer: Gemini

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This is an on-board guidance computer used in the Gemini program. In contrast to Mercury capsules, which had no on-board computing capability, Gemini spacecraft required an on-board computer to assist in rendezvous operations and in maneuvers to change its orbit. Both were necessary steps to lunar expeditions undertaken with Project Apollo.

Material Type: Activity/Lab

Authors: Kate Katz, Melissa Mitchell, Leslie Hanna