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Instructor Overview

The Stages of Genocide Toolkit contains six case studies of historical genocide:

• Armenian Genocide

• Genocide in Cambodia

• Genocide in Guatemala

• The Holocaust

• Genocide of Native Americans in the United States

• Genocide in Rwanda

These specific case studies were chosen for their wide geographic range and their place in modern historical chronology. It is important to note that these genocides are not the only examples of genocide that one can find throughout history, nor do the authors of this toolkit consider them to be “worse” or more important than those that are not included in this toolkit. We believe strongly that there is no place for a “hierarchy of suffering” in genocide education. Additionally, these summaries are not meant to be comprehensive histories of each genocide. They were written to align with Dr. Gregory Stanton’s Ten Stages of Genocide and as such, there are many historical details that are not included in the summaries.