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Early Learning Transition Resources

Early Learning Transition Resources


OSPI and DCYF collaborated to compile resources useful to the Preschool Development Grant Transitions initiatives including:

  • 100 Schools Reach Initiative: local community early learning- elementary school partnerships pursuing Wildly Important Goals in strengthened transitions for children birth through kindergarten.
  • Transitional Kindergarten (TK) Partners in Transition: Scaffolding for districts to implement all five pillars of TK in collaboration with community-based early learning programs to support an array of options for four-year-olds to best meet individual needs.
  • PreK to 3rd Grade Outdoor Learning and Since Time Immemorial: Early learning collaboration to support high-quality outdoor environmental and tribal cultural learning.

Research on Best Transition Practices

Washington Preschool Development Planning Grant Transitions Initiative | DCYF ECEAP and HSCO | OSPI Early Learning | Special Education | Title Programs | 2019 to 2020

Full report | Successes and Challenges of Early Learning Transitions in Washington

Data Brief |

Seeds of Promising Practice |

Case Study: Toppenish

Case Study: Edmonds

Case Study: North Mason

Case Study: Wellpinit SD

Case Study: West Valley SD


Wyoming Department of Education Prekindergarten to Kindergarten Transitions Summit

Kindergarten Transitions Best Practices

Kindergarten Summit Activity Guide

Kindergarten Transition Planning Guide


Washington P-3 Institute

Connected Learning: Guidance for Effective Transitions | Caitlin and Harmon


National P-3 Center

Framework in Action: Learning Environments

PreK to 3rd Grade At Home: March 2020


National Center for Early Childhood Development Teaching and Learning: Gathering Information

A Transition Brief: Why It Matters

Collaborations, Connections, and Six Steps to Success

Policies At A Glance: Supporting Transitions and Meeting Federal and State Standards

Supporting Transitions Brief One: Child and Family Transitions

Supporting Transitions Brief Two: Program Educator

Supporting Transitions Brief Three: Program Leader

Supporting Transitions Brief Four: Partnership


National Center for Early Childhood Development Teaching and Learning: Applying Information to Practice

Activity Calendar for Educators

Planning Calendar for Head Start Education Managers

Supporting Children Who Are Dual-Language Learners

Supporting Children with Individual Education Plans

Transition Plan Form

Transition Resources for Leaders and Educators


Self-Assessment Tools

Self-Assessment Tools

In this section, OSPI and DCYF curate resources to support teams of early educators, specialists, administators, and families  to create smooth transitions for children from birth through kindergarten.

Self-Assessment Tool for Effective Transition from PreK to K | Wyoming Department of Education, Division of Special Education

Transition Practices Self-Assessment Tool | Beth Rous, Ed.D and Rena Hallam | Colorado Department of Education 100 Schools Transition Summit | February 2020

Building Bridges: Supporting Effective Transition Practices Through Community Collaborations | Beth Rous, Ed.D | Colorado Department of Education 100 Schools Transition Summit | February 2020


Collaboration Demonstration Project: Office of Head Start | Head Start Collaboration Office | NCECDTL

Following the Collaboration Demonstration Project, Office of Head Start initiated 100 Schools Reach to extend these community-school partnerships to 100 schools in 46 states. The National Center of Early Childhood Development Teaching & Learning sent the top-requested resources to each state Head Start Collaboration Office. Washington DCYF HSCO and OSPI posted them here for the Washington 100 Schools Reach teams and other local transitions collaborations.


Family Leadership and Advocacy in Transitions

In this section, Washington OSPI and DCYF curate resources to help local early learning- school partnerships and state collaborations plan successful summits to foster improved transitions for children birth through kindergarten. 


National Center for Early Childhood Development Teaching & Learning

1- Agenda and Tips for Success

Early childhood inclusion resources for children with disabiilities