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Instructor Overview

Students are introduced to classroom routines and expectations, and complete a full mathematics lesson. The class discusses how to clearly present work to classmates. Partner work is modeled, and partners then work to match numerical expressions to corresponding word descriptions. Students read and discuss a summary of the math in the lesson, and then write a reflection about their thoughts.

Key Concepts

Students match a numerical expression to its corresponding description in words. Students interpret parentheses and brackets in numerical expressions and they construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others. Students learn to use the exponent 2 to represent squaring.

Goals and Learning Objectives

  • Describe the classroom routines and expectations.
  • Consider how to present work clearly to classmates.
  • Collaborate with a partner.
  • Critique a partner’s reasoning.
  • Connect a numerical expression to its corresponding word description.
  • Learn to use an exponent of 2 to represent squaring.