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Lesson Plan
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Digital Citizenship, Iowa K-12 E-Curriculum, iowa-k-12-e-curriculum
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Digital Citizenship: Traveling Safely

Digital Citizenship: Traveling Safely


This lesson teaches children 3 rules on how they can stay safe as they navigate in the internet

Class Discussion

Discuss with your students the importance of how staying safe on the internet is just like we stay safe as we travel in the "real" world.  The Google Slide show walks you through it.  

Note: the video on slide 7 is not embedded in the slide because it's not a YouTube video.  It is linked, however, and will take you to the video from Common Sense Media.

Let's find out how we can travel safely on the internet!

Exploring the Internet

Print out or share via Google Classroom the Google Doc with website links. Have students visit the sites and decide if they think that website is a "good fit" for their age.  Look for appropriate content....can they understand what the site is about? Are the graphics and the wording geared for children?  


There is also included a digital form with the same activity but in a digital form. However, your students would have to copy/paste the URL in another window, and that might be too difficult.  

Let's explore some websites and see if they are a "good fit" for you. They are linked on the Google Doc. Give this website a thumbs up if it is a good fit for you. If it is NOT a good fit, give it a thumbs down and write a note telling us why it's not a good fit!