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Beginner Yoga Workout
Linked to the Nebraska State Physical Education Standards
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Nebraska Physical Education Lesson Plan Template
High School
Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12
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Christina M Spears on Nov 03, 08:32pm

BODY TYPE/SHAPE: Have you considered your own beliefs about body type/shape?
Does this source present thinness as the sole perspective, standard or norm?
Does this source depend on a harmful stereotype about weight or physical shape for complete understanding of the content?
Does this source demonstrate positive identity development for all bodies including fat bodies and disabled bodies?
DISABILITY: Have you considered your own beliefs about disability or neurodivergence?
Does this source present able-bodied, neurotypical people as the sole perspective, standard or norm?
Does this source depend on a harmful stereotype about ability for complete understanding of the content?
Does this source use ableist language? Does this source not consider disabled points of view or ways of being?
Is the source accessible for people of differing abilities? Does this source celebrate neurodivergence and variations in physical ability?

I am an able-bodied or non-disabled person, who is able to participate freely and actively in physical activity described in this resource. As a Special Education teacher who tries to fight ableism in my classroom practice and life, I would need to stop and think about my biases around body type and shape and disability, especially a physical disability or type of neurodivergence that might require modifications, accommodations, and/or other considerations for every student's full engagement. The "Supplemental information" at the end of the resource, may serve best at the top to call attention to it, should include considerations for any students or participants with the needs previously described. How can I ensure I have accommodations and make my delivery of the yoga practice inclusive? How can I ensure the sensory experience is accessible to all brains? How do the words I use convey positive social identities for all body types and shapes? How can I model a love for my body and mind through this instruction? Comprehensive overview of a beginning yoga session for physical education class. This resource has been remixed and could be remixed again for grade level, physical ability, etc. There are currently to explicit considerations for diversity of body type/shape and physical disability.




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