School Librarians Advancing STEM Learning, Year 3 NH Webinar 1

The "School Librarians Advancing STEM Learning" (SLASL) project, supported by IMLS, and in partnership with Granite State College, continues the work in Year 3 with New Hampshire School Librarians, February 22, 2017.

Webinar #1 Meeting AGENDA:

Key Question: What will make your SLASL unit successful for your students?

•Complete pre-work assignment in Group Discussion thread:

•Discuss CCSS ELA Literacy Standards to be targeted

•Explore the Role of the Essential Question for your unit

•Designing Summative Assessments and Student Learning Goals

•Check in on Project Timeline and upcoming due dates

Meeting ASSETS:


Download: SLASL Y3 Webinar1_2.22.17.mp4

Download: chat_NH Webinar1_2.22.17_SBK9VTX.txt

Download: NH - SLASL Webinar 1 - Standards EQs LOs.pdf

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