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The Portland Community College Health Studies Subject Area Committee redeveloped the Personal Health course with OERs as a basis for course material, which meets the Health Studies graduation requirement. The project team developed the course into 17 topic modules that cover a broad range of Personal and Public Health health topics. Each topic has a Google Slides Presentation, Instructor Resources, Student Resources, Topic Study Guides, an In-Class Activity, Discussion Questions, and any other additional OER resources available.
Applied Science, Life Science, Social Science
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Deena Friedlander
on Jan 10, 07:29pm Evaluation

Utility of Materials Designed to Support Teaching: Strong (2)

Some of the diagrams and figures used in this course are outdated. For example, the obesity graph is from 2014. Unfortunately, we have even greater numbers of obesity currently.

Deena Friedlander
on Jan 10, 07:29pm Evaluation

Quality of Technological Interactivity: Strong (2)

Great interactive activity included for body image. However, videos are not captioned for all students.

Deena Friedlander
on Jan 10, 07:29pm Evaluation

Opportunities for Deeper Learning: Strong (2)

In the mental health and stress chapter, no suicide hotlines or text lines are listed anywhere. Since suicide is now the second leading cause of death for young people ages 15-24, it is important to provide resources for getting and receiving help for suicidal ideation, depression, and feelings of hopelessness.

Deena Friedlander
on Jan 10, 07:29pm Evaluation

Quality of Explanation of the Subject Matter: Strong (2)

While the subject matter is explained well, some items that that are important for a deeper understanding of the material have been left out. For example, when discussing Body Mass Index, there is no mention about the problems associated with using BMI. While BMI is great for making large scale generalizations when describing a population, there are some disadvantages in using BMI as a diagnostic tool for the average person. BMI does not take into account muscle, so a person who is extremely muscular, may have a BMI score that shows that he or she is overweight or obese.


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