Personalized Learning Plans

by Ellen Thompson 4 years ago

What are some highlights from your school/district's journey into personalized learning plans?  Share your successes and challenges for others.

Sigrid Olson 4 years ago

Hi Ellen - thanks for posting this - would love to hear what people say!

Ashley Levine 4 years ago

My PLP Alpha/Delta Reflection



Flexible Pathways for students

Curriculum can feel unaligned and inconsistent
E-Portfolios created with a template around transferable skills, goals, and reflectionsTraditional grades and report card transition for families can be difficult
Student-driven Teacher needs to be comfortable with letting go of control and seen more as a facilitator
Growth Mindset focusedGrade level expectations and standards can be lost 


Ellen Thompson 4 years ago

A lot rides on that delta column, doesn't it?  Without that giving over of control to students and finding the means to integrate the curriculums, PLPs will always be off to the side.