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Biology 101-103 Lab Manual

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This lab manual is designed to support classrooms without specialized lab equipment. Recommended as a supplement to the Blue Mountain Community College adaptation of OpenStax Concepts of Biology: Concepts of Biology, available at

Material Type: Activity/Lab

Author: Sascha McKeon

Ecology resource list

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Resource list compiled for for the Ecology units of BI 213 (third quarter of the major’s biology sequence) and the full course of F 240 (Natural Resources Ecology, a second-year course for students in the Natural Resources Technology program).

Material Type: Reading

Author: Walter Shriner

BI 101 OER Syllabus and Lab Pack

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Syllabus and lab manual to accompany course using OpenStax Concepts of Biology ( Course description: Centers on concepts of unity of living organisms including evolution, biochemistry, cell biology (morphology and physiology), genetics and development. Lab manual begins on p. 11.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Syllabus

Author: Laurie Harrer

BI 234: Microbiology

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Syllabus for Microbiology course at Clackamas Community College. Course Description: An introductory microbiology lab course required for health science and science majors. Includes characteristics, physiology and growth requirements of microorganisms, interactions between humans and microorganisms, immunology, infection, and principles of microbial control. This course emphasizes critical thinking and analytical skills in a collaborative laboratory environment.

Material Type: Syllabus

Author: Polly Schulz