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Magic of Trade

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In this interactive, experience-based entrepreneurship exercise students learn basic economic principles related to trade. The purpose of this activity, developed by Allen Distinguished Educator Jodie Woodruff, is to highlight the assumed self-interest in trade, and potential benefits of mutual gain.

Material Type: Activity/Lab

Iowa History: Iowa Unsung Prairie Transformation to Farms and One Room Schools 1870-1900 Part 1

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Learn more about how immigrants settled Iowa by developing farms and built schools on the tall grass prairie in Iowa. Through video, primary sources, activities and text learn more about: A) Preparation for Settlement of Iowa's Treeless Tall Grass Prairie B) Promotion of Large Scale Prairie Settlement of 3/4 of Iowa

Material Type: Lesson, Module, Primary Source, Unit of Study

Authors: Denise Krefting, Sandra Host

Iowa 101: The world's largest Iowa history course

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When somebody says “pioneers”, what is the first image that comes into your mind? A covered wagon? A log cabin? It might be coonskin caps for Baby Boomers who grew up singing about Davy Crockett “killin’ him a bar when he was only three.” Davy is lucky he lived when he did. What an uproar there would be today! What was a child that young doing with a gun? Why was a three year old alone in the woods? Whatever your first impressions of pioneers, Iowans are fortunate that our state’s frontier experience is well documented through diaries, letters, newspapers, and memoirs. We did have our covered wagons and log cabin days. During the 1840s and 1850s, settlers in Indiana and Illinois commented that the roads were lined solid with canvas-covered Conestoga wagons plodding toward the Iowa Territory. The pioneer experience, however, was different as the frontier moved out of ...

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Author: Des Moines Register

Explore Iowa History

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Discover the people, places, events, and ideas of Iowa history. Explore hundreds of articles, images, videos and websites. Create your own story of Iowa as you go to unexpected places and search the past and present. Travel down side trails and uncover artifacts as you explore your Iowa pathway.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Diagram/Illustration, Interactive, Lesson, Primary Source, Reading

Author: IPTV

The Goldfinch

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What is a goldfinch, you ask? Of course it is a beautiful bird, but it is was also an Iowa history magazine for young people. Published quarterly by the State Historical Society of Iowa from 1975 to 2000, each issue had a theme (such as immigrants) and included articles, games, and fiction. The University of Iowa Libraries has digitized all of these back issues and visitors can scroll through all of them from this site. Visitors might do well to start by looking at the issues titled "Health in Iowa" and "Traveling Entertainment." Educators might consider these works as a model for teaching young people about history as each issues is well-curated and contains a mix of visual materials and thoughtful text.

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