Social Science, Psychology
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Unit of Study
Community College / Lower Division, College / Upper Division
Cognitive Psychology, Creative Intelligence, Concept, Intelligence Quotient, Syntax, Norming, Cognitive Script, Language, Artificial Concept, Natural Concept, Cultural Intelligence, Working Backwards, Intelligence, Creativity, Prototype, Grammar, Confirmation Bias, Trial and Error, Divergent Thinking, Schema, Standardization, Thinking, Availability Heuristic, Flynn Effect, Heuristic, Representative Sample, Dysgraphia, Standard Deviation, Functional Fixedness, Multiple Intelligences Theory, Range of Reaction, Introduction, Dyslexia, Problem-solving Strategy, Triarchic Theory of Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, Analytical Intelligence, Representative Bias, Convergent Thinking, Crystallized Intelligence, Semantics, Anchoring Bias, Lexicon, Role Schema, Fluid Intelligence, Practical Intelligence, Mental Set, Cognition, Overgeneralization, Phoneme, Event Schema, Algorithm, Morpheme, Hindsight Bias