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My Identity Past, Present & Future (Becoming Who I Want to Be)

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My Identity Past, Present & Future (Becoming Who I Want to Be)

Instructor Overview

This lesson is designed for a 90-minute period at the high school level for a dual language Heritage or Spanish Language Arts class. However, it could easily be divided into sections or modified for middle school students or advanced Spanish world language students. 

In this lesson, students build on their analysis from lesson 1 to consider how the influences in their lives have formed their identity and how they can ensure that the influences in their future lead them toward their goals. First students explore how people’s identities are impacted by context through an analysis of the influences and dominant aspects of their identity in three familiar contexts. They then analyze the poem “A Julia de Burgos”, the values represented in the poem, and their own values. Next, they analyze the painting “La creación de las aves” by Remedios Varo to see how it is possible for a person's identity to fully align with their values. Finally, students analyze how past and current influences in their lives have made them who they are and consider what future influences will help them to achieve a future self that aligns with their personal values, and present this analysis verbally to their classmates.