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Instructor Overview

Overview of the Modules

Introduction: Purpose and Function of Adjective Clauses

  • Why should I care about adjective clauses?
  • What do adjective clauses do?
  • What do adjective clauses look like?
  • Adjective clauses vs. Noun clauses vs. Adverb clauses
  • Authentic English Analysis

About Relative Pronouns

  • Combining Two Sentences with an Adjective Clause
  • List of Relative Pronouns
  • Relative Pronouns: Subject or Object of the Adjective Clause?
  • Identifying vs. Non-Identifying Adjective Clauses
  • Relative Pronouns: Object of a Preposition
  • Who vs. Whom?

Less Common Relative Pronouns

  • Whose vs. Who's
  • When, Where, and Why as Relative Pronouns

Common Problems with Adjective Clauses