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                The String Ensemble set out to find an under represented BIPOC/female composer and work that we could record and revitalize/rearrange. After sifting through project composers and works, we settled on Joseph Bolonge Le Chevalier de St. Georges, a BIPOC and underrepresented composer and his work, String Quartet No. 2, Op. 1. Prior to our project, the work was offered with no overall score and just manuscript individual parts that were somewhat difficult to read. In addition, the string virtuoso composer had some much influence on Mozart, Haydn, and the creation of the classical music genre of the sinfonia concertante. Yet, I had never even heard of his existence or influence which music textbooks do not give Joseph Bologne the proper credit to sinfonia concertante. Therefore, we wanted to bring justice to a neglected composer and work so that others could hear his work and make his work more accessible to perform.
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