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6-Word Memoir

6-Word Memoir


This is a fun introductory writing piece for 7-12 students to help teachers get to know the individuals in their class. 

This writing lesson was created by Janelle Coady as part of the 2020 OER English Language Arts Workshop by NDE. 

It is expected that this plan will take students one class period to complete.

What is a 6-Word Memoir?

Watch this quick video to get an idea of what is meant by a 6-Word Memoir.

Crash Course Six Words


Where did the 6-Word Memoir come from?

Now, watch this longer video to learn more about the originator of this type of writing and how you too can embrace this style.

I would have, you never asked

Get Inspiration

To get more ideas for how to get started, check out the Six-Word Memoir website found HERE and explore all the different people posting their own version of this writing format. Be sure to look at their teen section or search by topic. If you want, feel free to set up and account and start creating your own. 

Creating Your 6-Word Memoir


  1. You will use Google Slides to create your 6-word memoir and attach it here.
  2. Start by choosing AN IMAGE for your background on the slide. You can draw your own picture as the background or find one online or use a picture you've taken, etc...
  3. Add text for your 6-word memoir. Remember, your words should be creative and look creative.