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Instructor Overview

Students use their knowledge of rates to solve problems.

Key Concepts

Given any two values in a rate situation, you can find the third value.

These three equations are equivalent, and they all describe rate relationships:

y = rx,  r = yx,  x = yr

At the beginning of this lesson (or for homework), students will revise their work on the pre-assessment Self Check. Their revised work will provide data that you and your students can use to reassess students' understanding of rate. You can use this information to clear up any remaining misconceptions and to help students integrate their learning from the past several days into a deeper and more coherent whole.

The work students do in this lesson and in revising their pre-assessments will help you and your students decide how to help them during the Gallery. In this lesson, students will reveal the depth and clarity of their understanding of rate.

  • Students whose understanding of rate is still delicate should get extra help during the Gallery.
  • Students who feel that they have a robust understanding of rate may choose from any of the problem-solving or deeper mathematics problems in the Gallery.

Goals and Learning Objectives

  • Uncover any partial understandings and misconceptions about rate.
  • Develop a more robust understanding of rate.
  • Identify which Gallery problems to work on.