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Inheritance: Standing Up to Injustice and Cruelty
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FILM: This lesson plan is designed to be used in conjunction with the film, Inheritance, which illustrates the lasting effects of the Holocaust from the perspectives of both a victim of Nazi war crimes and the child of a perpetrator. Classrooms can use this lesson to explore the responsibility of standing up to injustice and cruelty.

NOTE: This film contains sensitive content related to the genocide of Europe's Jews during World War II. In addition to verbal descriptions of abuses, the complete film includes disturbing concentration camp images, footage of the execution of a war criminal by hanging, and clips from the movie Schindler's List that contain profanity and show the shooting of a Jewish woman. Please preview before using the film in its entirety in the classroom. The clips for this lesson plan, however, are less graphic and contain primarily verbal descriptions of cruelty.

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