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Information Communications Technology (ICT) in Education and Training Policy - 2014-2019

Since 1999, with the launching of the Information Technology Master Plan by the then Information Technology Commission, the Ministry of Education has made considerable investments, in collaboration with local and international partners, at the level of both government and private, in various aspects of the integration of Information Communications Technology in education and training and its institutionalisation within the Ministry. Whilst much has been accomplished through these initiatives, we recognise that considerable challenges remain.
This Policy reaffirms the engagements that government, through the Ministry of Education and its public and private partners at national and international levels, share to ensure that our young people have improved access to affordable opportunities presented by the information age, to better assist them in acquiring important ICT-related competencies for personal and national development.

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Ministry of Education (Seychelles)
Ministry of Education (Seychelles)
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